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Rentacar.net.gr  uses only the technical necessary cookies for the proper functioning of its services pages. Cookies are small files in .txt format sent to the hard disk of the computer of each user.

Cookies are not used in any way to capture the user’s personal data or knowledge of any document or file from the user’s computer. They are used only to facilitate user access to specific services of Rentacar.net.gr. Cookies are used for the following reasons as:

  • For the technically smooth running of the services and pages.
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The user of Rentacar.net.gr can adjust the browser in such a way as to warn about the use of cookies in specific services of Rentacar.net.gr. Rentacar.net.gr features for management, distribution and monitoring of its advertising campaigns web platforms (adservers) that for their proper operation are using the method of cookies, which are used only for the proper functioning of the services they offer.

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